Darrell Hammond, Sr.

Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Inclusion & Peak Performance Facilitator

An international speaker, facilitator and trainer, Darrell shares his expertise in leadership and employee engagement through keynotes, workshops, consulting and coaching.

We interrupt this bio for a brief announcement. My “official” bio continues below. Don’t worry, it’s full of the requisite self-aggrandizement and third person references to my many, many accolades. But before I attempt to convince you that I’m a superhero of leadership development, inspiration and motivation, let me tell you who I am in real life. I’m a man of faith and a husband to one incredible wife (over 35 years). I’m a dad to five amazing adult kids and a grandfather or ‘Poppy’ to three human grands and three furry grands. I’m also a student of leadership and behavioral science that helps people think and behave better. I dreamt of being a leadership coach and consultant over 30 years ago and I guess you could say that I’m living my dream. Maybe my dream and your dilemma should hook up sometime and…you know, grab coffee or jump on a call or something?

Now back to our regularly scheduled list of things that I would never ever say to someone I just met…

Darrell coaches, trains and inspires leaders, their teams and organizations to get more done – with greater alignment and fewer headaches. He is a visionary leader that helps transform the way you think about your work and your role.

Darrell previously served as Chief Operating Officer for a large non-profit, and held various Organizational Development and Human Resources roles as VP and SVP working and teaming with other C-suite peers. He’s worked with senior leaders from Fortune 500 companies to develop healthy cultures.

A featured speaker and executive coach who inspires leaders and their teams to clarify direction, focus, and effectiveness through proven frameworks, he teaches and coaches audiences how to practically reach their peak performance.

An enormous amount of preparation goes into each customized talk to ensure that Darrell speaks as an ‘insider’ using knowledge and even terminology that the audience is familiar with.

The outcomes of Higher Ground’s work have been described as proven, practical and inspired leadership applications. Participants receive practical perspectives, tools, and techniques that leave them saying, “I can do that!” because Darrell shares real-world experiences combined with actionable ideas.

When he’s not coaching, training or facilitating retreats, he can be found hanging out with his wife of over 30 years, riding his road bike, at the archery range or video-conferencing with one or all five of his kids.

His experience with numerous high-performance business teams and his world tour with a high-performing basketball team gave him firsthand experience with successful team environments.

Awarded a silver medal playing basketball on Team U.S.A. at the Australia Games and earning an NBA Legends M.V.P. award, Darrell’s work ethic has been demonstrated and rewarded over the course of his career.

“A high performing coach, like a high performing process, must have certain indispensables for success. Darrell has those indispensables and helped our leaders see what success looks like in business and in life. So don’t waste your time on the other options out there. Instead contact Darrell Hammond and you won’t be disappointed.”
John, Director of Operational Excellence, PMP & Master Black Belt
“Darrell works closely with CEOs and other senior members of the leadership team, to help them navigate through major organizational change. I continue to seek Darrell’sadvice and I highly value his wise counsel. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Jim, Chief HR Officer, The Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Certified Arbinger Facilitator  

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