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From workshops or retreats with a handful of senior executives, to a keynote address to hundreds; from personality and 360 degree surveys to career coaching; Darrell Hammond and the team at Higher Ground Consulting offer people solutions designed to increase motivation and success.

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“Darrell has a knack for knowing what tools are most helpful for improving job satisfaction and effectiveness of an organization. He reads the room and confronts the difficult subjects, allowing for acceptance and change to take place. I’ve seen him impact a small group of managers and a large room of employees. His range is impressive and his message is clear. His work transforms organizations.”
“Darrell provides a great array of leadership development services and tools. Our team have always found Darrell’s coaching and advice to be astute and helpful. Team members repeatedly comment about the insights they’ve gained after working with Darrell. I’d strongly encourage organizations looking for personable, responsive, and result oriented leadership development services to retain Higher Ground Consulting.”
“All of your hard work really paid off. We appreciate and value what you bring to us. We want to get better as an organization and we know that you can help us get there. You have a powerful message for leaders at every level.”
“As an Associate Director for the Colorado Division of Youth (Corrections (DYC) I oversee our 10 state operated facilities and supervise many program areas including the Office of Staff Development. In this capacity I also assess for training, mentoring and coaching needs of Senior Leaders and Management teams. In addition the DYC often uses facilitated processes for change initiatives and system enhancements. Darrell has provided support to the DYC in all of the above-mentioned areas. He has conducted leadership focused Workshops at several Training Symposiums and consistently scores highest in evaluations submitted by attendees. He is skilled in researching our agency and assures he aligns his proposals to our key strategies, values and culture. Darrell does not just pull workshops and other consulting and coaching off his shelf. He customizes and tailors everything he does to meet the exact needs of his clients.”
“We contacted Darrell about running a series of team building and culture changing workshops with our staff. He did so on our schedule and in a fashion which was informational and engaging. He connected on several levels with the staff and got important points, such as “team is better than self” and “change can be a good thing,” across in an effective and entertaining way. The anticipated successes from the Redesign are not being experienced, and I gladly point to Darrell’s involvement in shifting of the culture as a main reason for those successes.”
“Darrell’s great strength is working in complex, high demand organizations that are committed to excellence. He is unflappable under pressure, loyal to those he reports to and a respected and delightful team member with all. He has led or facilitated in a variety of senior level management retreats and has been a special help in developing team unity and appreciation for the strengths that others bring. This is both a gift and skill set that Darrell has shared both within our organization and in his private consulting practice as well. When it comes to leading and managing organizational change, in many ways, Darrell is a player/coach! I am confident that if he is a fit for the needs of your organization that he would only exceed your expectations.”
“Darrell has worked in organizations ranging from high-tech to non-profit. His OD/ HR expertise is not organization or industry specific and he is a subject matter expert in this field.”

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“In one instance, Darrell partnered with me to develop and implement a program for at-risk youth in our city. He was very well-organized with creative and original programs, personable and encouraging to the youth, parents and staff and extremely trustworthy. He has also given creative, direct and important advice on human resource issues in our new company. He is a man of integrity and models excellence that will permeate your group or company!”
“I have had the great privilege of working with many talented, effective professionals over the years and Darrell is a standout. In the time that we worked together he constantly grew as a professional. His hunger for learning, receptivity to feedback and excellent ability to apply all he learned made him a valuable contributor back then and pointed to very promising career. We have not worked together in a long time, but I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Besides being a true professional, Darrell is one of those really decent and kind people we all want in our lives.”
“After speaking at a public event, everyone kept saying: “We want more!” Others knew that you had taken our team on retreat and they came up and asked us if Darrell was helpful to our team? I told them that if they were not ready to get honest and deal with the issues that you are struggling with, then Darrell’s not your guy. Everyone was very interested in talking with you about helping their teams too.”


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