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10 October, 2017

Sour Seasons

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Sour Seasons

Why are people not responding to you favorably? If this is happening more frequently, you may be going through a ‘sour
season’ causing you to act in a ‘backup style’. A backup style reflects our typical responses when we run out of energy, patience or feel like it’s not worth it – preventing us from being our best. Let’s explore one perspective. […]

16 March, 2017

inflo͝oənz (Influence)

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inflo͝oənz (Influence)

As a human resources development specialist and behavioral scientist of sorts, I have an unquenchable curiosity and interest in human behavior, performance and methods and isights that improve influence, persuasion and effectiveness.

Is providing development and coaching targeted at improving influence and persuasion just a way of manipulating others to do what WE want?

It depends on the purpose and the core reason(s) driving the need for influence. That statement makes me cringe because human nature typically tries to find reasons why EVERYTHING we say and do is TOTALLY justifiable.

Honestly, what about us today? How do we know if our motives are pure? fair? respectful? ethical? Everyone who seeks to influence and persuade must at some level wrestle with these questions and related issues. In my work with leaders, teams and organizations for over 30 years I have found […]