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Gratitude Changes your Perspective

I woke up again with a overwhelming, overflowing amount of gratitude for all of the Essential Workers who have not stopped serving since this whole thing started. 90% of my clients are in Essential Positions as first responders, caregivers, civil servants, healthcare, educational and ministry workers and the many volunteers who are also giving back through service. The rest are board members,

Leadership EQ & Difficult People

Each of us thinks we have a lock on who the difficult people are in our lives and under our leadership. When asked what makes ‘them’ difficult, most answers will include characteristics that reflect way more or way less of an attribute or quality that we would prefer in our followers. It’s human nature to think that our perspectives and

Other Stories

Beyond Your Perspective

What is it like being 6’7” some have asked me over the years. First, it’s different because I’m typically head and shoulders above most people and have an unobstructed view of most things. Even strangers will sometimes ask me if I can help them find someone in a crowd because of my perspective. The down-side of this blessing is that I run into a lot of low hanging stuff and don’t fit well in certain places like cars, showers, airplanes, etc.

Just Grow With It!

My company name comes from a corporate relocation from Colorado to Florida by a company I was a VP for. The company HQ was moving to Florida and I was not interested in moving my family to the Southeast. After many days of persuasion and negotiation my new boss made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.