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Grattitude Perspectives

How do our energy levels impact how we act, react and respond? This is more impactful than we think and, in fact, based on six months of research with all kinds of clients, 100% of respondents agreed that the past few months of constant/incessant change has depleted our energy/batteries more than ever. This constant mode of living and working at depleted levels is only exacerbating relationships, work productivity, leaving us all with a low grade irritation. When depleted, it's hard to see and be grateful and consequently it also impacts relationships and organizational culture.

Other Stories

How’s your Vision?

There are studies showing that 75% of people believe that sight is the most important sense because it is


REVELATION  |  RELIABILITY  |  RECOVERY Recently when I was facilitating a V-treat (virtual/mini-retreat) with a leadership team, the senior leader

Organizational Physician

Over the years as I work with executives, their senior teams and their organizations, I have been referred to

Who Has The Right Perspective?

What is it like being 6’7”? First, it’s different because I’m typically head and shoulders above most people and

Beyond Your Perspective

What is it like being 6’7” some have asked me over the years. First, it’s different because I’m typically head and shoulders above most people and have an unobstructed view of most things. Even strangers will sometimes ask me if I can help them find someone in a crowd because of my perspective. The down-side of this blessing is that I run into a lot of low hanging stuff and don’t fit well in certain places like cars, showers, airplanes, etc.

Just Grow With It!

My company name comes from a corporate relocation from Colorado to Florida by a company I was a VP for. The company HQ was moving to Florida and I was not interested in moving my family to the Southeast. After many days of persuasion and negotiation my new boss made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The Value and ROI of Team Building

I’ve worked with teams of all kinds for over two decades and several key indicators help me to diagnose the health of the team. In order to get the team to self diagnose I ask them as a group to offer up their individual opinions of how much communication is being left unsaid on their team.

Sour Seasons

Why are people not responding to you favorably? If this is happening more frequently, you may be going through a ‘sour season’ causing you to act in a ‘backup style’. A backup style reflects our typical responses when we run out of energy, patience or feel like it’s not worth it - preventing us from being our best. Let’s explore one perspective.

inflo͝oənz (Influence)

As a human resources development specialist and behavioral scientist of sorts, I have an unquenchable curiosity and interest in human behavior, performance and methods and isights that improve influence, persuasion and effectiveness.

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