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REVELATION  |  RELIABILITY  |  RECOVERY Recently when I was facilitating a V-treat (virtual/mini-retreat) with a leadership team, the senior leader and I agreed that our next session together should focus on trust. Even though we had talked about vulnerability based trust before in previous V-treats in our series of leadership development discussions, it was time to re-visit it again. Trying

Organizational Physician

Over the years as I work with executives, their senior teams and their organizations, I have been referred to as an organizational physician. Typically, a senior leader recognizes an issue/problem/challenge/symptom that is preventing the “patient” from being healthy and effective. My approach is to listen well and ask questions that get at the core of what is causing the

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Who Has The Right Perspective?

What is it like being 6’7”? First, it’s different because I’m typically head and shoulders above most people and

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