Executive Coaching

Higher Ground offers in-depth, personalized coaching services designed to supplement your existing organization and enable you to move to the next level.

Customized Peak Performance Coaching
For All Experience Levels

Higher Ground works with line managers, up-and-comers, new employees and longtime employees, offering the professional insight you need. Consider HG a partner in getting you and your organization where you need to be without adding another FTE.

Higher Ground is comfortable and equipped to coach individuals of all experience levels and in a variety of fields. Whether you’re a mid-level manager looking to take your skills to the next level or a C-level executive in need of objective insight, HG has the expertise and versatility to help you and, ultimately, your organization succeed. We look forward to a short pre-coaching session to get a feel for how we work; it’s free and will give us a better idea of your needs.

Executive Coaching

When do you and your team get off the treadmill and step out of the whirlwind to stop and think strategically? We serve individuals and teams as we help them get out of the hectic/busy/distracting present moment to think higher-level thoughts for the ‘long game’/future.

It surprises me sometimes that leaders don’t/won’t take the time to develop a succession plan for key positions. The plan identifies key roles that if vacant, would impact the momentum and achievement of goals. It also highlights where the gaps are in the organization which leads to the need for succession development. Strategically making sure that key ‘hi-potential staff’ are developing the skills necessary to take on key roles around the organization.

How does your organization measure effectiveness, especially among leaders? How will I know if I am effective in the eyes of my bosses and peers? Developing a common set of criteria and a common language help take the mystery out of what it means to be effective. Let us help you gain this clarity.

Mergers, acquisitions, start-ups, retirements, transfers and other factors create positional churn within all organizations. We help new leaders and their teams to accelerate becoming cohesive and productive reducing the time it takes to ‘get to know everyone’s style and contributions’.

It is not uncommon for leaders to not be fully aware of or strategic about how they can begin to personally excel and perform and get others they lead to do the same. We help you and your team reach your Peak Performance.

Every organization promotes its best and brightest individual performers. It’s how we reward them for doing so well. Where most organizations fail is not orienting these high-potential employees with the factors that it takes to excel at the next level where, most likely, they will no longer be responsible for what they do, but in how they lead a team of others to reach goals and objectives.

What our clients say.

“He is a critical thinker, thoughtful, forward thinking, leadership guru. Darrell and I spent hours having very meaningful discussion on how to improve my Team and leadership abilities, his insight on how to overcome barriers is truly amazing. He has a natural coaching style that is easy to connect with on many different levels. He is still one of the people I reach out to when dealing with any tough decisions.”


“I have been lucky enough to work with Darrell as an individual executive coach and during leadership retreats. He personally cares and takes your goals as his own. I would highly recommend his services!”


“Darrell is an exceptional leader who can skillfully communicate hard truths, help people discover and develop their talents and future, and many other things in between those extremes. He believes in people and knows how to leverage their strengths.”

Technical Director