Attend a planning session where the purpose is clear, the right people are present, and there is a systematic process in place to help the group achieve its goals in a timely and organized manner.

Our Approach

The objective of facilitation is to achieve quality results within a deadline. Our facilitation process offers a flexible, realistic, and clear approach, while recognizing and capitalizing on the differing styles, strengths and opinions of the group.

Higher Ground (HG) offers facilitation services for groups who need a neutral third party to provide a framework for guiding them through their critical meeting. Using a skilled facilitator enables groups to think more clearly and systematically, ensuring that you get your desired outcome(s).

Repetitive and continuous meetings are expensive in the long run. HG facilitation can reduce redundancy by maximizing your chances of getting what you need. Often facilitation prevents wasted energy, resources and time. How do I choose an effective facilitator?

Retreat Facilitation

We help leaders by providing the ‘voice of an expert’ to help convey the importance of developing and maintaining a culture that aligns with the values of the organization.

Because teams are made up of humans, they are often dysfunctional and operate in ways that are not healthy, aligned or productive. We provide a framework for teams to assess themselves and deliver practical steps to eliminating mindsets and behaviors that are barriers to Peak Performance.

All organizations are better when they have defined who they are, why they exist, where they are going and why, and how members of the organization will behave on the way to accomplishing the Mission. We help leaders and their teams define and embrace these so that everyone’s focus and expectations are crystal clear.

We provide a variety of in and out of traditional classroom experiences that are not only fun, but help teams get out of their traditional thinking and acting as they solve problems and overcome challenges. These range from in classroom/conference room activities to extreme outdoor adventures and community service team building events that can occur in any season and link and align to any organization’s Mission, Vision, Strategy and Values.

When a new leader has just been assigned due to a reorganization, promotion or any other reason, we help the new leader/team get clarity on who they are, why they exist and define the key success factors to help individuals and the team reach their Peak Performance.