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inflo͝oənz (Influence)

As a human resources development specialist and behavioral scientist of sorts, I have an unquenchable curiosity and interest in human behavior, performance and methods and isights that improve influence, persuasion and effectiveness.

Is providing development and coaching targeted at improving influence and persuasion just a way of manipulating others to do what WE want?

It depends on the purpose and the core reason(s) driving the need for influence. That statement makes me cringe because human nature typically tries to find reasons why EVERYTHING we say and do is TOTALLY justifiable.

Honestly, what about us today? How do we know if our motives are pure? fair? respectful? ethical? Everyone who seeks to influence and persuade must at some level wrestle with these questions and related issues. In my work with leaders, teams and organizations for over 30 years I have found

that leaders don’t place a significant investment of time and attention to clearly define organizational Mission, Vision and Values (MVV). Without MVV, people generally bring their own understandings of how an organization should run and how the people who work/live there should behave. It’s becomes a free-for-all when everyone is doing what they think is right.

Multiply this mindset times the number of people in the organization and you have a huge potential for chaos. Without clear boundaries, expectations or consequences, people tend to apply their influence in an attempt to sway others to their opinion/ position/perspective.

In my research, to find a way to equip my clients with tools that make them more influential and persuasive, I wrestle with how these significant influences, insights, methods and resources might be used by others once they have been shared. Is there a risk?

My parents demonstrated service to others. I’m especially drawn to people, organizations and roles where meeting human needs and making our society a better place is clear and prevalent.

Many of my talks and workshops have been designed with this population in mind. However, influence and persuasion principles work for everyone. They are universal principles that stand the test of time and are proven to work when applied properly.

Join us for the 2019 info͝oənz Summit where principles are shared in a ‘bundled series’ of our most requested workshops that are geared to grow attendee and organizational influence significantly. Everyone is welcome to register and attend these workshops. Space is limited.


It’s been said that we stop growing when we stop being curious, reading, listening and when we stop learning from others and our surroundings.

In order to stay alert and open to new ways of problem solving, we must regularly refresh our input/ insight. In one of my executive roles, I managed a team of some of the most creative people on the planet. They tend to have a never ending reservoir of new/fresh and innovative ideas.

I remember asking; how in the world do you keep the steady stream of new ideas flowing? One response was that on a regular rhythm, a full day was scheduled on the calendar to spend at the library or online ‘flipping/clicking’ through periodicals that they would not normally need to pay attention to. They were not looking for articles on creativity, but looking at color schemes, patterns, pictures, graphics, advertisements, plants, animals, textures, landscapes, interesting photographs of natures natural colors. Some were captured in a ‘new ideas’ folder in their cell phone camera for possible use in the future. This visual and mental trip into other creative worlds opened fresh food gates and filled the heads and hearts of these ‘creatives’ with a reservoir or store house of new and sometimes bizarre folders that could be used when asked to come up with a new look, view or approach on a well known topic/solution. When was the last time you allowed yourself to open the doors of your mind to fresh new ideas? See a list of growth resources below.

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