Management Essentials Program 2024 (MEP24)

Must-have tools for Management, Employee Engagement, Inclusivity, Productivity, Culture, Distance Management and Effectiveness

Introduction Video

“Darrell and Yuna, you are amazing, gifted, talented and present your knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and digest. So grateful you both shared your knowledge with me. Thank you!”

How is the program structured?

Who should attend this program?

  • Do you or managers on your team need support to take charge of maintaining or enhancing performance, especially as we get better at navigating hybrid work environments?
  • Professionals in need of a realistically-paced, guided management development program that focuses on achieving specific goal(s) throughout the course?
  • Are you ready to reflect, learn and apply the Management Essentials Toolkit to create simple, customized solutions to your team’s pain points?
  • Leads, supervisors or managers who have had little to no formal training 
  • Emerging leaders who want to prevent missed opportunities and grow in self-awareness, emotional intelligence persuasion and influence
  • Leaders needing to sharpen their skills and refine their styles by taking “leadership vitamins” to stay on top of their game


  • Intact or cross-functional teams who need practical real-time approaches, tools and techniques to grow and develop customized management best practices 

“This course has really opened my eyes to the growth ahead of me and helped me understand some of the dynamics that are currently a challenge. I am grateful for both Darrell and Yuna for this opportunity and the kind, encouraging growth.”

Why should I attend this program?

  • To avoid stumbling and replicating undesirable management styles, AND, engage in an intentional development course to increase competency, value, influence and promotability
  • To connect meaningfully with other proactive leaders, ‘hungry’ to grow while combating social isolation
  • Because communication, management and leadership skills are invaluable to consistent performance

Why Higher Ground?

  • HGC consultants have a combined 40+ years of experience leading, training, facilitating and coaching (see endorsements below)
  • You’ll partner with a professional development firm who can complement existing training and development initiatives
  • We direct participants towards their supervisor for discussion, application, cultural context and alignment of expectations


“I have had the following working experiences with Darrell. Before becoming a supervisor or leader, I had taken a few of Darrell’s classes at different conferences. I always left his classes thinking about what he said and how I could implement those things when I got into a leadership role. I truly believe that what I learned from Darrell, led to me being promoted. As my career advanced Darrell coached me while I was a supervisor of a team of about 11 people using the ProScan survey. Darrell utilized the report and his unique skill set to go over strengths and weaknesses of mine to help me improve my leadership abilities. He helped me see my role from different perspectives, what my team’s perspective was, what my leadership’s perspective of me was and how to use those perspectives to improve my communication styles with those groups.”

Chief Financial Officer

“My biggest take-away from the Equipped Manager program with Yuna is leading people where they are and not from where I am. When managers calibrate to another’s learning style the outcomes are more rewarding. I was surprised at how well rounded the course was. It focused on both manager and team member and showed me that discipline, accountability as well as empathy are integral to leading. I loved how interactive the sessions were and how easy it was to catch up with modules and concepts even if I missed a session.”

Equipped Manager

“I’ve seen you in small and large groups from state-wide, regional, divisional and small group settings. You have a comfortable facilitation style. It is very inclusive and people feel relaxed and open to learning and growth. The blend of visuals, historical figures and metaphors in your communication helps people want to learn and get better. I have referred you to other districts because I know what you have to offer and how it can help other teams as well. What I have heard is; “Hey can we get Darrell to come here or do this with our team?”

Statewide Training Manager

“The best part with Yuna came during the following week when the frameworks and common words we started using at the workshop were tested and applied across the team. Emails were flying, different departments were calling each other and calling meetings and the commitments we made to each other began showing themselves in little, important ways. The details and awkward topics we used to ignore are now discussed openly and without blame and as a result, people are more comfortable asking for help.”

Good Nature Agro

“Yuna is an amazing coach. She helped me brainstorm several viable solutions to a conflict and approached the problem with ease and confidence. In a short period of time, I went from feeling lost to feeling empowered with management skills needed to successfully resolve the conflict. I highly recommend Yuna Musuka!”

Satisfied Coaching Client

“I have had the privilege of having Darrell as an instructor for some leadership classes throughout my twenty-year career. Darrell connected with the class using his sense of humor and fantastic stories. When I reached a point in my career when I was ready to take on even more of a leadership role and lead a much larger group of people, I knew Darrell would have great insight and help me through the process. I reached out to him and we had several great discussions about transitioning from a supervisor to the head of the whole department. Things went as planned and as I transitioned to this new role, Darrell was willing to help with some team building and transition. He was very considerate of my thoughts and wishes on where I wanted to go with this team and he designed his activities to fit perfectly into those ideas. To this day, my staff of over 30 always discusses the impact that Darrell has had.”

Chief Probation Officer

“CV People Africa had a 2021 team building session for all its staff members with Yuna in January 2021 to set the year off on the right note. My team realized that by identifying and mastering their own skills and tasks, this would lead to meeting the company targets and their own personal goals and success. As a result of the workshop, all staff took ownership of what they could do to achieve company goals, and in turn their own personal goals. They are motivated to reach targets for 2021! As the Managing Director of CV People Africa, I loved the “realness” about working with Yuna. It was very interactive and we all learned something new about ourselves and each other during this awesome full-day training. We will be back for more inspiration soon!”

CV People Africa

What will I learn from this course?

Each module/topic described below has a specific focus area needed by all managers. Woven through each module is an intentional consideration for equity, diversity, inclusion and trust. Course content focuses on the value of understanding and applying engagement, listening and empathy to reach peak engagement, satisfaction and performance.

Module 1: The Transition to Management

You are a manager. This is an exciting, scary and challenging time. Everyone who has made this move has experienced these feelings and more. We will explore and learn how to make this transition from individual accountability and responsibility to now being responsible for a group/team. It looks easier than it actually is.

  • Transition from successful personal performance to managing team performance
  • Learn to delegating like a boss
  • Navigate conversations and relationships with former peers
  • Update your existing relationship-building model – a customized way of routinely connect with your staff

Module 2: Effective

Communication is not a tool, it’s the tool box for skills and approaches that managers and leaders must become proficient in. Without a foundational understanding and use of good communication, managers will be confined to average team engagement, performance and trust from others. A manager without this tool box will never appreciate and value the differences of diverse people, styles and approaches.

  • Learn why listening is the number one communication effectiveness skill to become genuinely curious and attentive
  • Gain perspectives, techniques and tools for effective communication
  • Learn your communication/interaction styles and understand different styles and perspectives

Module 3: Delegate Like a Boss

Many managers struggle to manage their personal workload because they miss the fine print of being a manager and severely underestimate the time commitment required to plan, coach and monitor their team members. But what is the line between holding staff accountable for missed deadlines and poor quality work, micromanaging them and offering the necessary level of support?

  • Identify what needs to be delegated? Have you sat with this thought strategically so that you know what you need to give up/pass on?
  • Isolate your fears or other obstacles around delegation
  • What price are you personally paying for not delegating?
  • What are the costs of not delegating organizationally?

Module 4: Accountability

Understand how accountability is a collaboration where ultimately, you, as supervisor, are responsible for the outcomes and results.

  • Define accountability and identify the 4 core elements
  • Understand your current relationship with accountability
  • Design a standard status updates protocol with a clear platform, format and timing
  • Learn and apply a technique for giving neutral and actionable feedback

Module 5: It’s About Time! (Prioritization, Time Management and Life Balance) 

This workshop is all about getting a handle on the volume of ‘STUFF’ on our plates. Because like you, we struggle with life and work balance and we believe that everyone to some degree has issues with it as well. Learn the science behind the impacts that stress has on health and decision making:

  • Identify how you’d spend 2 more hours a week of personal time if you better managed your time and energy crushing goals during the work day
  • Practice prioritizing the next 30 days
  • Learn the 5 elements of the deep work framework
  • Create strategies for squashing distractions

Module 6: The Value of Linkage and Alignment for Peak Performance

How well do you know your bosses’ strategic objectives? Where might you stand in the gap for them and ensure the information and results keep flowing instead of viewing them as a nemesis? If you’re not engaging in active followership – you’re part of the problem.
Learn how and why communication as a supervisor is critical to alignment and performance.
Linkage is ensuring the work my team and I are doing is linked to the organization’s Mission, Vision and Values

Alignment is using resources eg time, collaboration to ensure everyone is synergized to accomplish the mission

Importance: When Linkage and Alignment work together – the organization reaches maximum momentum towards reaching goals

“MEP helped remind me that I need a plan to stay on track. It helps me remember that there are certain influences/issues that are beyond my control.”

How is the Management Essentials Program delivered?

6 deep-dive session via private  video-teleconferencing (3.5 hours/each):

  • Each month  a cohort of Managers seeking Peak Performance will gather to learn new approaches, tools and skills to apply to in their current team climate. Sessions equip participants to make sustainable progress on achieving pre-identified goals (their unique return on investment or ROI).

Workshop Information

Workshop Dates:

2024 Cohort will meet virtually on Thursdays from 9:00-12:30 MDT


  • July 9th (Tuesday) – 9:00 – 10:30 – Orientation
  • July 11th – Transition To Management
  • August 22nd – Effective Communication
  • September 19th – Delegate Like A Boss
  • October 17th – Accountability
  • November 14th – It’s About Time! (Prioritization, Time Management & Life Balance)
  • December 12th – The Value of Linkage & Alignment For Peak Performance & Graduation

Included With The Course:

  • 1 – psychometric survey that helps ‘unpack’ insights about your work and management style
  • 6 virtual workshop modules (21 workshop hours total)
  • Practical assignments to help develop the habits and skills necessary to lead your team to peak performance
  • The Management Essentials Tools and Handouts
  • Input from your supervisor with feedback and feedforward advice to guide your efforts during the program
  • Completion certificate

We can also deliver the Management Essentials course content to organizations and associations with group rates. Individual workshop topics can also be purchased/delivered separately. Please click the button to initiate a conversation!

Registration Open for 2024

Registration for the 2024 cohort must be completed by June 31st or sooner.
Group discounts may apply.

Facilitator Bios

Darrell Hammond, Sr.

Peak Performance Coach, Executive Coach & Inclusion Facilitator

Darrell Hammond is a native Coloradan and a minority small business owner for over 23 years. Darrell has over 30 years of diverse experience serving leaders, their teams, and their organizations. Higher Ground has had the privilege of providing training, executive coaching, and motivational speaking for thousands of people over the lifetime of the company.

During his corporate career, Mr. Hammond held the titles of Senior VP, VP, Director, and COO in the fields of Hi-tech, Manufacturing, Sales and Service, Healthcare, Non-profit Organizations, Corrections, Filtration, Executive Recruiting, and Ministry.

Mr. Hammond holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, is an Authorized Partner of Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC as well as a PDP/ProScan & TeamScan Administrator. He is a member of the National Speakers Association.

Mr. Hammond had the privilege of playing on Team U.S.A. at the Australia Games and was awarded a silver medal playing basketball. He also earned an NBA Legends Camp M.V.P. award. These awards show the work ethic and tenacity he brings to all areas of his life and has demonstrated over the course of his career.

His experience with numerous fast-paced business teams and his world tour with a high-performing basketball team gave him firsthand experience with successful team environments.

Yuna Musuka

Performance Coach & Leadership & Management Development Facilitator

Yuna Musuka earned both a Bachelor of science degree in neuroscience and a Masters of Science degree in Public Health (public nutrition) from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Mrs. Musuka has 15+ years team building experience and over a decade managing intergenerational, multi-cultural and multi-departmental teams.

Mrs. Musuka created a customized 21st Century Manager’s Toolkit to equip managers with the tools and skills needed to succeed in a fast-paced and low budget environment. The Toolkit is designed to help managers and executive leadership engineer high-performance cultures in their organizations.

Yuna’s neuroscience background and behavioral assessment certification have equipped her to help hundreds of individuals and teams increase their emotional intelligence and effectiveness. She uses proven scientific practices to help individuals manage their thoughts and behaviors, ultimately enhancing personal and collective effectiveness and overall performance.

She is also a Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship, a former Peace Corps volunteer and co-founder of the Lusaka-based Training Leaders Consortium, which uses experiential learning to improve efficiency, performance and culture.