This series was born from keynoting a story that I’ve been captivated with for many years.  The story of Sir Earnest Shackleton, Polar Explorer.

Pick an adventure from legends who’s stories seem super human, faith stretching and character building. I help facilitate learnings from these amazing men.

Learn powerful impacting lessons from the adventures of a prolific polar explorer about leadership, teamwork, embracing change, prioritizing, and optimism in the face of unrelenting life threatening challenges. These leadership lessons are used in MBA schools as leadership curriculum.

Eric has summited most of the worlds highest peaks while leading expeditions of disabled climbers. Thankful to be alive after a near-fatal fall, his stories and adventures at altitude are compelling and inspiring. He shares learnings that help us in our daily lives and as we participate on the various teams who are working at being best in class.

Jason, a legendary blind ultra-athlete set a record running across America in 60 days. The story is sure to inspire, increase motivation and resilience by examining our life purpose as well as our personal and professional goals and performance.