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When it comes to uncovering the root of an individual or organization’s cultural and motivational challenges, the Higher Ground Team has the proven expertise needed to drive change and deliver results.

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By driving to the heart of how an individual is motivated and fundamentally wired, Higher Ground Consulting is able to help individuals understand themselves more thoroughly, work more effectively in a team environment, and understand how others perceive them. Our team uses reliable and validated tools to help you leverage your most valuable assets. Read on for more about the tools we use to uncover motivation, improve communication and teamwork, provide accurate perspectives that shape and protect organizational culture, and foster healthy relational growth.

ProScan Trait Survey®

ProScan is an easy-to-take web-based survey that measures the intensity of an individual’s four basic personality traits. It reveals the strongest trait, responsible for 50 percent or more of an individual’s behavior, and measures how this trait relates to others to uncover a personality profile.

A ProScan profile provides a wealth of information about an individual, including:

  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Sources of Motivation
  • Energy Level
  • Current Satisfaction Level
  • Sources of Stress
  • Type of Job You Most Naturally Fit Into

At its core, ProScan reveals a person’s natural “wiring.” It is not only easy to take, but also accessible and easy to understand and apply to various situations. It reveals information about an individual’s personality style, natural tendencies, and how they work as part of a team. To identify future team members, improve existing team dynamics and develop succession candidates, there’s no better tool than an accurate assessment such as ProScan.


“I liked the ProScan really opened my eyes. It gave me three perspectives. 1. Who I am. 2. How I am acting. and 3. How others see me. It really helped me understand myself. It has helped me a lot with my team even though we were doing pretty well before the assessment. I can’t change anyone, but I can change myself and you challenged me to do this through the ProScan.”
Amanda, District Supervisor
“ProScan is a tool that I pull out and look at often. It has been a very helpful tool to help me work better with my boss, peers and direct reports.”
Dana, Program Manager
“The biggest thing to me was the reminder and the discussion about who I am. The ProScan/TeamScan was fantastic to see it and have the reminder of the different personalities on the team. I want to be and need to be more conscious that not everyone sees or hears things the way that I do. It helps me temper my dominance so that I don’t steamroll others.”


TeamScan Survey®

Want a tool that provides valuable, real-time information on the group dynamics of your whole organization or within a specific team, department or division? TeamScan helps reveal productivity and success components of particular teams and define corporate culture in concrete terms.

TeamScan helps you keep your finger on the pulse of each part of your organization.

JobScan Survey®

JobScan removes the frustration of hiring by assessing the strengths and styles of successful performers’ ProScans, along with preferences and input from management and other key contributors. Then, Job Models can be created accurately and used with certainty.

With a custom Job Model complete, attract applicants to job openings with a compelling advertisement. Interview guides can also be built to make sure hiring managers are asking the right question to find the best possible fit for the job and organization.

Multi-Rater 360° Surveys

A multi-rater survey enables an individual to learn more about how they are perceived by their colleagues, in a variety of fields. The 360-degree surveys that we use are reliable, validated, and provide feedback from numerous sources to truly get to the heart of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. These reputable and confidential surveys are based on a proven methodology called the Task Cycle®.

Of course, statistically validated surveys are the backbone of our tools. Comparing results over time is only effective if the instrumentation is psychometrically sound and accurate. The 360 surveys we use have the following attributes:

  • Expert authorship, with factor analyzed competencies, ensuring measurement acuity
  • Role-specific dimensions and questions
  • Concurrent validity through third-party research
  • Research indicating which competencies drive success in each role
  • A reliable and valid theory of leadership development called the Task Cycle®
  • Support material and resources, such as feedback workshops, online development tools, and coaching help maximize ROI
“Higher Ground deployed 360 degree surveys with our leadership team, which helped to identify blind spots and areas of development to target. Darrell’s debriefing of the instrument, marked by respect and sensitivity, provided a skillful balance between validation and clear, concise and easy to implement feedback for professional growth.”
Birgit, PhD., Clinical Director, Colorado Behavioral Health Institute

Our survey options are listed below. For more information please contact us.

Senior Leaders

Managers, Supervisors, & Coaches

Individual Contributors


Executive Leadership Advanced Management Practices Technical Professional Sales Management
Leadership EQ Leadership Competencies for Managers Aspiring to Leadership Coaching Practices
Survey of Management Practices Client Relations Conflict Management Survey
Index of Emotional Intelligence

720 Feedback®

Once is not enough… 720 Feedback provides a comparison of a participant’s results over a period of time, often 12-18 months. This comparison informs participants of their developmental progress and gives them an opportunity to update and change their individual development plan(s). Continuous improvement requires constant measurement.

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