Most organizations are struggling with accountability in some form or fashion. Learn how leaders can help create a healthy, non-micromanaging way to engage staff/teams regardless of their position or if they or their teams are on-site together or hybrid/together virtually. What if helping people to see their value and contributions also helped with engagement, satisfaction and reduced turnover while meeting performance and customer/client expectations?

Leading In A VUCA World

Normal is gone forever! People are looking to us for answers, confidence, direction, clarity and security. Explore ways to step-in and step-up to non-stop change.

Staying Productive, Effective And Valuable In A VUCA World

How can you become the best team player possible when everything is spinning around you? Get your balance back and grow your influence during uncertain times.


Navigate change, risk,
volatility and uncertainty

How To Use Separation To Strengthen Your Team(s)

Separation is often thought of as a negative, however, there are some things leaders can do to help leverage virtual work to breakdown or reduce siloing.

Tips For Staying Organized And Sane Working From Home

Admit it. We’ve all asked if we could work from home. Now that we have to, it’s not a glamorous as we thought. Learn tips and strategies to stay organized, informed and engaged even though everyone is home with you.

Dealing with Difficult People

Growth In Spite
Of Difficult People


A Deep Dive Into Traits,
Styles, Values & Tactics

Got Ethics?

A Values Based Examination
of Who We Are Becoming


Influence: How To Get It,
Use It and Keep It

Overcoming Team/Organizational Dysfunction

Building Trust, Mastering Conflict, Achieving Commitment,
Embracing Accountability, Focusing on Results