Our Workshops Provide Practical Information on How To Improve Skills.

team building workshops

On-site or off-site, Higher Ground offers a variety of workshops to meet your needs. Our custom-crafted workshops draw upon more than two decades of experience.

Below are titles (examples) of some workshops the Higher Ground team has created and delivered for clients:

“One thing that always impresses me is your ability to quickly build rapport with a group. Once you get that rapport, you then leverage this to say things that many people don’t want to hear. You can say hard things that people can hear from you, where they won’t from others. You have a way that is not offensive, not too direct and people just get it. You are willing to call people out to take responsibility. You have been a great voice that people are willing to listen to and help remind us that we need to trust others, especially leadership. You have the courage to say things that people need to hear. You communicate this in a way to help others see a reflection of themselves that we don’t always want to see or hear.”
Dana, Programs Manager


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