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Our custom-crafted workshops draw upon more than two decades of experience. The samples below are just a small example of the vast possibilities available to you. Talk to us today to learn more about creating your own personalized workshop.

So, You Wanna Be A Manager?

Thinking about moving out of the individual contributor role and becoming a manager? Discover what it takes to make the transition. The management role requires different mind and skill sets to be successful. Do you know what they are? Do you possess them now? If not, how will you prepare yourself now to be ready for your first assignment as a manager?

Audience: Aspiring managers and other high potential employees in your organization who want to explore what it really takes to become a successful leader and manager.

The Next Generation Leader

Succession is critical to sustained success. Are you and your organization fostering the essentials of leadership in yourself and others? Do you demonstrate the competencies of doing less to accomplish more? Are your communications skills clear even in the face of uncertainty? Do you have a coach who enables you to go farther, faster? Is your character, integrity and personal style as a leader worth following? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this workshop.

Audience: Seasoned leaders, who need a succession model that ensures and protects the efforts and energy invested in becoming successful. New leaders, who need a format to follow to become great leaders.

What Makes A Leader?

Leading without knowing what good leadership looks like is like building without a plan. Discover what elements have been proven to achieve great leadership. Why should anyone be led by you? What does bad leadership look like? Can you lead individuals and teams through rough times? Do you know when to apply the window and the mirror technique? What leadership role model are you emulating?

Audience: All leaders need a format to follow to become great leaders. Seasoned leaders need a succession model that ensures and protects the efforts and energy invested in attaining success.

Moving to The Next Level / What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Nearly 40 percent of new executives fail within 18 months of a promotion. What goes wrong and how can you ensure success in the executive ranks? What drove your progress at a lower level will not necessarily sustain future success. Executive success requires undergoing a transformational experience unlike any other. Learn what to let go of and what you must acquire in this engaging workshop.

Audience: High potential leaders moving up the ladder and leaders just promoted to the senior team.

Leadership & Influence

Look behind you. If no one is following, you’re not a leader. What kind of leadership style do you have? Learn about Level 5 Leadership and what kind of leadership has been proven most effective. Apply the most effective influence skills, because without this skill, you and your organization will never reach your goals.

Audience: Every leader should seek to increase his or her influence. Invest in your leaders to assist them in their development and effectiveness and to foster increased investment in the success of your organization. HR professionals must possess and execute this skill daily in almost every situation.

Leading Change

Does your organization allow too much complacency? Does your team fail to create a powerful guiding coalition? Does everyone understand the power of your organization’s vision? The engine that drives change is leadership. A pure managerial mindset is not enough to navigate successful change efforts, regardless of the quality of the people involved. True change requires true leadership.

Audience: Leaders at every level.

Success through Diversity

Diverse teams function more effectively and creatively than homogenous teams. Do you have a system for attracting, leading and retaining individuals and teams who are uniquely designed? How can you elicit the best from your diverse team, and how can you provide a safe environment for others to join and contribute? Attending this session will provide you with reminders and new skills that will last throughout your career.

Audience: All leaders should develop and sustain skills to manage and promote diversity.

“One thing that always impresses me is your ability to quickly build rapport with a group. Once you get that rapport, you then leverage this to say things that many people don’t want to hear. You can say hard things that people can hear from you, where they won’t from others. You have a way that is not offensive, not too direct and people just get it. You are willing to call people out to take responsibility. You have been a great voice that people are willing to listen to and help remind us that we need to trust others, especially leadership. You have the courage to say things that people need to hear. You communicate this in a way to help others see a reflection of themselves that we don’t always want to see or hear.”
Dana, Programs Manager


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