Customized Peak Performance Coaching for All Experience Levels.

The Higher Ground Consulting team offers in-depth, personalized consulting services designed to supplement your existing organization and enable you to move to the next level.


Our team works with human resources professionals, line managers, up-and-comers, new employees and long-time employees, offering the professional insight you need but may not be able to offer in-house. Consider us a partner in getting you and your organization where you need to be without adding another FTE.

The Higher Ground team is comfortable and equipped to coach individuals of all experience levels and in a variety of fields. Whether you’re a mid-level manager looking to take your skills to the next level or a C-level executive in need of objective insight, our team has the expertise and versatility to help you and, ultimately, your organization succeed. Contact us for a short pre-coaching session to get a feel for how we work; it’s free and will give us a better idea of your needs. We offer a wide range of services.

Business Coaching Services

  1. Executive
  2. Leadership & Management
  3. Performance
  4. Personal & Career
“Not too long ago I recommended hiring Darrell Hammond as a coach for fast track leaders in the Fortune 20 Company where I was working. A high performing coach, like a high performing process, must have certain indispensables for success. Darrell had those indispensables and helped our leaders see what success looks like in business and in life. So don’t waste your time on the other options out there. Instead contact Darrell Hammond and you won’t be disappointed.”
John, Director of Operational Excellence
“I left coaching knowing the direction that I needed to take to regain the balance back in my life. We actually first met on a video-teleconference. It worked well as a safe place to get to know you and see if I even liked you or not. Our coaching session really helped me balance my life and be better at home and at work.”
Niki, District Supervisor
“Darrell coaches from place of respect for the person while dealing with issues head on. I respect and admire his ability to care and grow the individuals he engages with as well as their career path. I highly recommend Darrell. He is a man of impact.”
Lori, HR Vice President
“The coaching has been good for me as I can put my most challenging issue on the table and we can talk about a variety of ways to use these tools. This specific coaching is very helpful to me. It’s like having a menu of options to choose from. It’s great!” 
Dana, Programs Manager
“One of Darrell’s greatest strengths is his ability to communicate well and to impress upon management the importance of communication throughout the organization. He lends sanity to this often insane aspect of attempting to move everyone in the same direction while being sensitive to individual needs and yet fair to everyone.”

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Dave, CEO
“Darrell is a gifted coach and mentor. His calm demeanor and excellent listening and reflection skills allow him to connect with not only managers who are eager to participate but also those more reserved or resistant. Again, he meets each team members where they are in the process while holding them accountable to agreements and outcomes. His engaging style has been effective with several senior leaders who were hesitant to participate in a organization-wide 360 leadership evaluation process. Many went on to work with Darrell on interpretation and analysis of the feedback and the development of self-action performance plans.”
Caren L., Associate Director, Colorado Division of Youth Corrections
“We are looking forward to doing more leadership coaching with you soon. You have gained an immense amount of trust around our division and in our organization. From all areas of the organization from the very top out to the districts. To be able to develop trust at all of those levels is extraordinary.”
Scot, Training Administrator

Coaching Services Defined

Coaches are one of the best investments to improve and sustain interactions, performance and teamwork. We offer one-on-one, customized coaching sessions to enhance your effectiveness while also bringing out the best in others. Coaching enables you to improve performance, organizational development and communications. You’ll see your own value and the value of your organization increase, and learn effective ways of managing difficult individuals and situations. We offer an objective sounding board for your own personal development. See your reserve of time, energy and money increase, and enjoy more satisfaction in your work.

Learning more is easy; we offer a free introductory session. Coaching engagement fees are based on the position of the coachee. We suggest that coachees follow the following program:

  • Individual and 360 surveys, interviews, analysis and observation
  • A minimum of one 60-90 minute session per month
  • Coaching sessions – In person and by video-teleconference
  • Unlimited On-Call-Coach: six to twelve month contracts

What are the successful strategies of your leadership team? Higher Ground can help uncover you or your team’s core challenges and address them head-on. We will help you identify the most effective strategies for leadership, using a mindful approach that gets to the core competencies of your organization.

Personal & Career Coaching

Whether you’re a board member, C-Suite executive, mid-level professional preparing to switch careers, a fresh graduate seeking guidance, or a newly retired individual looking for a new focus, personal resume and career coaching will help you achieve your goals. Strategize and create a career plan or demonstrate your potential to an employer. Craft a resume that will get you noticed above your peers, or determine a new career path based on where your core values and motivation truly lie.

Career coaching can prevent career derailment, help you stay focused, rebound from mistakes, receive feedback constructively, leave work-related challenges at work, and enhance your professional image. Don’t struggle with questions about where you should be or what you should do. We can help uncover how you’re wired and show you how to find a role that leverages your education, skills and experience. Let us help you succeed, no matter what your goal. We’ll meet with you for a free 30 minute introductory session, then establish a regular coaching schedule to get you on the right path.

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