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An artfully crafted and passionately delivered talk can be a game changer. Whether you are looking to inspire your team, set the right tone for a conference, or spark some innovative thinking, Higher Ground can create a customized address to achieve your goals.

Custom Keynote Talks Guaranteed to Inspire Excellence

Everyone kept saying; ‘We want more!

Amanda, Higher Ground Keynote Attendee

At times, I thought you were talking to me and that we were engaged in this conversation. I know I can use that back at work and that this will help me.

Ed, Higher Ground Keynote Attendee

It was like a jolt of electricity at Darrell’s presentation yesterday and it was late afternoon. He was very energetic and dynamic in his delivery and with the content. All of your hard work really paid off. We appreciate and value what you bring to us. We want to get better as an organization and we know that you can help us get there. You have a powerful message for leaders at every level.

Mark, Organizational Development Vice President

Why Darrell?

Who can you trust to speak to your organization leaving them aligned, motivated and inspired to make sustainable, palpable change? Darrell Hammond is often brought in to be a credible voice to improve performance, communication and teamwork that encourages people at all levels to embrace change.

Want to accelerate your professional and personal development? Then you’ll want to engage Darrell Hammond, Sr. as your executive coach, facilitator, team builder or conference speaker.

Accessing over 30 years of experience in leadership, individual, team and organizational development, Darrell/Higher Ground (HG) provide proven practical applications and strategies to reach a hi-performance mindset and hi-performance outcomes.

The difference between HG and other development coaches/companies is the intense personal commitment of founder, Darrell Hammond, Sr. combined with decades of designing growth and development plans and protocols of all sizes, shapes and challenge levels.

Utilizing metaphor, experiential learning, powerful listening and questioning, Darrell customizes every engagement to meet or exceed the needs and outcomes of each client. This is why customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals keep the schedule full of development assignments that help Darrell serve people who are serving people.

Darrell is looking forward to connecting with you and helping you create amazing experiences and powerful moments for your audience and event!

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The following hallmarks are what clients find most valuable about his in-demand speaking style:

Unless asked to do so, Darrell never delivers the same talk twice. He becomes highly involved with the organizational need or event theme and desired outcomes and designs a message that is customized and weaves seamlessly into the fabric and DNA of the event.

Darrell’s combination of delivering hard-hitting content, integrating humor, sharing powerful stories, and data leaves participants wanting more and wishing the session was longer.
Darrell’s content is amazingly practical. Participants leave with notes and practical next-steps to implement into their life, teams and leadership immediately.
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Compelling And Inspirational Talks With Practical Applications For All Listeners


Who doesn’t run into obstacles from time to time? The question is how do we perceive these impediments that slow or stop our progress? Let’s explore the magic of ‘planting’ and ‘pivoting’ to help navigate these challenges and keep us moving toward our goals.

Stories Combined With Coaching to Reach Your Peak Performance

Lessons From The South Pole

Learn powerful and impacting lessons from the adventures of a prolific polar explorer Sir Earnest Shackleton about leadership, teamwork, embracing change, prioritizing, and optimism in the face of unrelenting life threatening challenges. These leadership lessons are used in MBA schools as leadership curriculum.

Journey Into The Unknown / “Be Outstanding!”*

Learn how going blind turned into a life-long passion to Be Outstanding. Hear the story of a blind ultra-runner’s amazing record breaking run across America and how you too can overcome the challenges that come your way.

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Peak Perspectives For Life*

There are no limits to what we can achieve. Listen to stories of climbing some of the highest summits in the world. These compelling adventures require, preparation, trust, teamwork, courage, integrity and more. This story shares the first blind ascent of Mt. Everest (29,035).

* These real-life stories are told by ultra-athletes who actually accomplished feats that most of us can only dream about. The stories are bookended using a skilled performance coach/facilitator (Darrell) to help prepare the audience to engage with the story and closes with a variety of strong coach-like challenges to all listeners based on the theme of the clients choosing.


Leading In A VUCA World

Normal is gone forever! People are looking to us for answers, confidence, direction, clarity and security. Explore ways to step-in and step-up to non-stop change.

Staying Productive, Effective And Valuable In A VUCA World

How can you become the best team player possible when everything is spinning around you? Get your balance back and grow your influence during uncertain times.


Navigate change, risk,
volatility and uncertainty

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How To Use Separation To Strengthen Your Team(s)

Separation is often thought of as a negative, however, there are some things leaders can do to help leverage virtual work to breakdown or reduce siloing.

Tips For Staying Organized And Sane Working From Home

Admit it. We’ve all asked if we could work from home. Now that we have to, it’s not a glamorous as we thought. Learn tips and strategies to stay organized, informed and engaged even though everyone is home with you.

Dealing with Difficult People

Growth In Spite
Of Difficult People


A Deep Dive Into Traits,
Styles, Values & Tactics

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Got Ethics?

A Values Based Examination
of Who We Are Becoming


Influence: How To Get It,
Use It and Keep It

Video Sample

Overcoming Team/Organizational Dysfunction

Building Trust, Mastering Conflict, Achieving Commitment,
Embracing Accountability, Focusing on Results

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