Professional Development Form

Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Retreat Facilitation

Thank you in advance for completing the Speaking or Professional Development Scoping Form. This form is designed for Higher Ground Consulting to learn more about your organization, team and vision. Completing this form is just the first step in allowing us to assess your unique set of needs and desired outcomes in order to design a custom made event for your organization.

Please include your key contact information. Please also include any key sponsors and tell us about your end customers (who benefits from the outcomes of this training?)
Reason(s) the event needs to happen: To prevent, continue, begin, stop, accelerate, develop/design, clarify, define, control, shift, change, improve, team building, etc.
Background,/history, cultural implications, conflict, growth, opportunities, effectiveness, successes/failures,
Duration: Number of hours, days, sessions
Potential Locations: Group size and types of exercises will dictate the amount of room needed. Please note, it is the client's responsibility to secure a venue for the event
Type of Participants

Level of Engagement
Please list any materials or samples that you are willing to share with us that will help us know your organization/team better (documents, files, recordings, materials, samples, articles, surveys, reports, meeting minutes, etc). Please also list key people we may contact and their information.
Additional information that you feel may be helpful for your facilitator