I’ve worked with teams of all kinds for over two decades and several key indicators help me to diagnose the health of the team. In order to get the team to self diagnose I ask them as a group to offer up their individual opinions of how much communication is being left unsaid on their team.

I get answers from 80% all the way down to 10%. I offer to average the range of numbers and often times 40-60% of information isn’t being discussed. What would happen if any organization left 50% of its key communications unsaid such as: important delegations, project status reports or problems, concerns and complaints from staff or customers was never articulated?

This one item alone is a culture crusher. It is an indicator that there is not trust or transparency in the organization. Organizations that lack either of these will never get to peak performance. They will always underperform and allow an unhealthy culture to thrive and drive out high performers who leave the company and increase the unproductively and inefficiency of the organization.

The impact of each one of these significant issues costs the organization time and money and reduces the chances of repairing the broken culture that continually drains and infects the organization.

Before we facilitate off-site team building retreats, we carefully examine the challenges and needs of each organization and customize experiences that have proven to rebuild trust and transparency. We also magnify and clarify how intentionally reducing the 50% or more of the organization’s communication is being left on the table actually costs.

When good people are confronted with these facts most teams are compelled to personally and organizationally take actionable steps to improve. They are open and anxious to have discussions they have never had the ‘space’ to have back on the job, and the healing and improvement begins.

Our next steps are to privately charge the leaders of that organization with clear and actionable next steps to keep the turnaround momentum going. We often provide specific executive coaching to leaders and sometimes teams to help them continue growing toward peak performance.

Our business is growing leaders, strengthening teams and fortifying organizations to help them reach their ultimate potential.

What if I told you that for under $1,000 per person, you could save $1,000’s per person just by reducing the time that is wasted in leadership, team and organizational ineffectiveness. Let’s look at the math:

Let’s say that 10 leaders who make an average of $65,000 per year or $31.25 per hour each spend four hours a week trying to work around organizational dysfunction. One month of wasted time in meetings costs $5K.

This does not include other conversations that are happening in the meetings after the meetings mentioned above. Let’s conservatively add another $5K of work time per month for these unproductive second generation meetings. There is literally money draining out of organizations due to these dysfunctions and work-arounds to the tune of a minimum of $10K per month.

We help organizations recoup or begin increasing productive time, improving relationships and trust by helping them grow together in their pursuit of re- gaining clarity, health and productivity. These team building efforts which help align and motivate organizations to improve can save the company many thousands of dollars that were wastefully going down the toilet.

The value of our services is totally dependent on clients who are:

  • Looking for a partner who will be fully invested in partnering to clearly define the problem/challenge/issue to be sure we try to improve your current situation
  • Willing to be completely transparent with frustrations, challenges and cultural implications that have created some challenges. This is not the real problem. We need to dig deeper to uncover the real problem and look for ways to improve
  • Clear on what they are really worried about and able to articulate how this issue has and is impacting the organization’s culture, efficiency and performance. What clients want to control/influence helps bring about clarity and definition
  • Realize that resistance is the normal reluctance to yield control – Willing to share or better understand what their contribution is to the problem(s)
  • Invested enough to be open to new perspectives, observations and approaches to identifying what IS working as a means to solving problems.

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