Team-building Workshops That Bring Individuals Together to Succeed.

A poorly functioning team is not only ineffective; it can be highly detrimental to your organization’s efforts to achieve its goals.

team building

Create a team that functions like a well-oiled machine, while also promoting individual creativity and growth. Let Higher Ground Consulting create a program uniquely suited to your organization’s needs. We know team building; it’s the heart of what we do.

The Practice of Personal Accountability

No organization – or individual – can achieve goals, compete in the marketplace, fulfill a vision, or develop people and teams without personal accountability. Eliminate blame, complaining and procrastination. Adapt to the changing world, develop yourself, and learn how to contribute to a team. Understand your colleagues’ challenges and frustrations, and become part of the solution.

Audience: Workers of all levels. Leaders, send challenging teams and individuals with the assignment of returning with at least three specific, measurable goals. Personal coaching can accelerate this competency.

Emotional Intelligence – Increasing your EQ, not your IQ

Being excellent in your work requires knowing, understanding and managing emotions. Are you a victim of emotional hijackings that harm your effectiveness and even derail your career? Can you read a room by applying knowledge, awareness and restraint, and bring a new level of effectiveness to your work and relationships? Increase your Emotional Quotient (EQ) and you are well on the way to achieving more than you can with just your IQ. The negative impact of emotional illiteracy is inestimable.

Audience: Workers of all levels. Leaders, send staff that may negatively impact others in your organization.

Interaction Management

Giving and receiving communication is a foundational skill for everyone, no matter their level or position. Are your ideas and observations delivered and received with clarity? Refresh and develop interaction skills you can use on and off the job. You can never master communication; there is always room for improvement and refinement. Join us as we take your communication and interaction skills to the next level.

Audience: Workers of all levels. Special sessions can be customized to meet specific organizational requirements.

Change Leadership/Management

Discover how a mindset of flexibility improves change navigation that employees will want to follow and emulate. High-performing teams must master the skills of dealing with ambiguity change. Creating a culture that welcomes change does not happen by chance. Learn to apply proven change principles required to maintain and sustain effective performance.

Audience: Workers of all levels. Send inflexible, resistant staff members and teams to learn to break out of negative habits, patterns and relationships.

Is Trust Affecting Morale, Loyalty, Integrity, Reputation?

Learn how to inspire lasting trust in your personal and professional relationships to create unparalleled success in every dimension of your life. Do you need to learn or re-learn how to quickly and permanently gain the trust your clients, co-workers, partners and constituents? This workshop provides a roadmap to establish trust on every level, build character and competence, enhance credibility and create leadership that inspires confidence. Based on Stephen M.R. Covey’s book, The Speed of Trust – The one thing that changes everything.

Audience: Anyone looking to increase his or her trust. Do you influence others and possess trustworthiness and demonstrate it consistently? How do you know?

Overcoming Team Dysfunction

Has your team fallen prey to five natural but disastrous pitfalls, including the absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results? These pitfalls or dysfunctions occurring separately are at best frustrating. Combined, these dysfunctions can be disastrous and potentially lethal for the success of your team(s).

Audience: Team leaders and members concerned about team and organizational development.

Learn the 6 Powerful Steps to Achieving Outstanding Performance

How can you actually apply your strengths for maximum success at work? Surveys suggest only 17 percent of the workforce believes they use all of their strengths on the job. Do you know how to seize control of your assets and rewrite your job description so that you will be more be more effective, satisfied and valued at work? Do you possess the knowledge and mindset to know how to approach your boss and colleagues about your strengths without sounding like you are bragging, and about your weaknesses without whining?

Audience: Everyone.

“We asked you for some very specific areas to be addressed and you hit them all and then some. We couldn’t have asked for more at our state-wide retreat. You do your investigative work about an organization so that what you do and say is tailored to your audience. You heard us out and got a sense for what we needed to deliver to the group in our organization. It was clear that you really wanted to understand and apply this information at our retreat. We needed someone to help communicate some difficult things to a group of leaders that will get the point across. You hit a home run with that information. You gave us everything we asked for. We appreciate the hard work that you put into preparing to work with our groups.”
District Supervisor


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